How Biocentrism Can Shape our Lifetime: Theory by Robert Lanza

As we gaze deeper into the vast expanse of space, we come to the humbling realization that comprehending the universe. Which is not just about studying galaxies and supernovas, but also about exploring our own existence. Here the concept of Biocentrism takes place that conclude the universe is not just out there, but also within us. And how it’s shaped our advanced lives. So, let’s have a deep look into it…

Biocentrism definition

Biocentrism is derived from the two Greek words, bios meaning life, and kentron meaning center. In simple words, biocentrism can be defined as an ethical belief that expands inherent value to all living things. It suggests the importance of all life forms and promotes the protection of their rights. And also asserts that all living beings have an equal moral standing along with deserving of equal moral consideration.

In addition according to the ethical belief of biocentrism, all living things possess inherent value, and humans do not hold superiority over other living beings. Even nature should not be viewed solely as a resource for human consumption.

Biocentrism Examples

The best example of Biocentrism we consider the protection of animals as compared to plants. Meanwhile, often animals destroy plants by eating them. Plants also need the same values as animals in our ecosystem.

A Brief History: Scientific Biocentrism Theory

In 2007, the theory of Biocentrism was established for the first time by Robert Lanza and an astrologist named Bob Berman. According to biocentrism, the universe was created by life and biology, rather than the other way around. This belief is rooted in the principles of quantum physics. This theory concludes:

  • Did you know that physical theories suggest that life evolved through physical and chemical changes? It’s different from biocentrism, which proposes the opposite. According to physical theories, the creation of life was a result of various physical and chemical changes.
  • The meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago had a positive effect on mankind. It paved the way for the rapid evolution of mammals which was really beneficial for us.
  • Life is the reason for the universe, according to biocentrism theory.

Biocentrism Quotes

Here are a few famous quote about biocentrism by Robert Lanza:

Death is simply a break in our linear strem of consciousness

Nothing has existence unless you, I, or some living creature preceives it, and hoe it is preceived further influences that reality. even time itself is not exempted from biocentrism

Time is not an absolute reality but an aspect of our consciousness

Biocentrism Book

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Biocentrism “Debunked”

The word Debunked meaning is to prove something wrong of a belief. Mostly people have a question in their minds, has biocentrism been debunked? According to scientific research, the universe exists independently of life and consciousness, which challenges the biocentrism theory. The theory lacks testable predictions, which is crucial for scientific theories. This makes it implausible. While theoretical physics and cosmology, the universe has been in existence for billions of years prior to conscious life. It has been proven by cosmic background radiation that observation has no impact on its existence. So, the answer is Yes.

Review Beyond Biocentrism Debunked

The Science of Grounding Debunked: Earthing Debunked

The word grounding also known as Earthing has been placed for centuries and gaining popularity. Grounding is a process of conducting the earth’s natural energy which is called electrons. Have you ever considered walking barefoot on natural surfaces like soil, grass, or sand? It’s a simple practice that can bring profound benefits to your feet. There are varying opinions on grounding. It aims to clarify misconceptions surrounding grounding. Climate change debunked is also a part of earthing debunked.

Benefits of Grounding

  • Improvement in sleep
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduces the Inflammation
  • Low and reduced stress level.


Overall in my opinion along the time, biocentrism was the theory that I had seen in my life working for the humans as well animals and other living things with equality. It can we said that biocentrism is a philosophical theory consists of quantum mechanics and also quantum biology. In Beyond Biocentrism, Lanza and Berman claim that modern science knows nothing about true reality and that the materialistic paradigm is a dead end. However, this is not entirely accurate. Modern science is constantly evolving, and work in quantum mechanics and cosmology aims to integrate new findings with the classical worldview. Science continues to make significant contributions to our understanding of the world. Hope this piece of content fully proved helpful for you.

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Information Source: Greenmatters, ethos, BTM, Wikipedia.

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