ITZY Chaeryeong workout routine and diet plan

ITZY Chaeryeong is good for her singing and rapping abilities. She is the group’s principal dancer, and some say she is a better dancer than many other K-pop stars. She is good for her attractiveness and has an extremely lean physique. Many of you have probably already tried to look up Chaeryeong’s schedule and activities.

Together with her older sister, Chaeyeon, Chaeryeong made her broadcast debut during the third season of K-pop Star. They were both booted from the program along with her sister, yet they were still allowed to sign up with JYP Entertainment as trainees.

Body Measurement and Structure

Body measurements and composition concern celebrities. To get the ideal appearance and physical appearance, they underwent extreme measures. It appears that in order to be considered famous, having a trim waist is more crucial than anything else. Some celebrities are known for their physical attributes in addition to their work. Celebrities with similar physique types to their own are fascinating to the public. They wish to adopt their fashion.

ITZY Chaeryeong body warms:

NameITZY Chaeryeong
Age23 years old
Weight66 kg (144 lbs)
Height5 Feet 9 Inches (1.66 m)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Body ShapeSlim
Dress Size4 US

ITZY Chaeryeong workout routine

ITZY Chaeryeong workout routine and diet plan

She is aware that perfecting a dance requires a lot of practice because dancing is so important in the K-pop industry. Therefore, she and her bandmates would need to practice the maneuvers for an average of two hours each day. She will undoubtedly burn calories and lose weight quickly with all that dancing. This implies that dancing is a natural part of her exercise regimen.

She spent time in JYP Entertainment’s dance practice studio, even though she was a trainee, to improve her dancing abilities in order to be picked to make her debut in the company’s new girl group. In 2020, she revealed during a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live that she and her fellow trainees used to work out before dancing. She claimed that this training program included a lot of challenging exercises.

Since there is no evidence from any reliable source, I won’t claim that Chaeryeong is responsible for it. It is feasible, though; some of the performers even engage in additional exercises like yoga, boxing, weight lifting, pilates, etc. So, yes, you may use these exercises in your efforts to achieve Chaeryeong’s physique.

ITZY Chaeryeong’s diet plan

ITZY Chaeryeong workout routine and diet plan

After waking up in the morning, she drinks a glass of water as part of his nutrition regimen. She then takes her vitamins, which causes her to get satisfied without eating.

She ultimately becomes hungry in the middle of the day since she skipped breakfast. She thus occasionally eats ice cream and occasionally meat. She continued by saying that she stays away from hot and too-salty dishes.

BreakfastLots of water
LunchMeat Rice ice cream
Dinnercrispy salad


ITZY Chaeryeong fitness and physical health maintenance depend heavily on diet and exercise. She puts an emphasis on eating healthy meals and avoids unhealthy alternatives to keep her body nourished for her demanding lifestyle.


  • What is the age of Chaeryeong?

In 2023, she will be 22 years old.

  • What is the height of Chaeryeong?

She is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

  • What is the eye color of Chaeryeong?

ITZY Chaeryeong eye color is black.

  • What is the hair color of ITZY Chaeryeong?

ITZY Chaeryeong’s hair color is brown.

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