Lauren Conrad Purple Hair Prank Or Not

To get a glimpse into Lauren’s life, simply pay a visit to her Instagram account, where captivating pictures await you. Lauren Conrad is an author and fashion designer. People are interested in searching for information about Lauren Conrad’s education. In this article, we will discuss the Lauren Conrad purple hair prank that happened to Lauren to make her an April Fool. The day was very close. Let’s take a look at Lauren Conrad purple hair prank in detail.


Lauren Conrad Hair
Lauren Conrad has purple hair.

It is just a prank. April Fools’ Day was near. Just yesterday, we were full of admiration for Lauren Conrad’s bold choice to dye her naturally blonde hair a stunning shade of purple. April Fools’ Day was yesterday, which was also a coincidence.

lauren conrad hairs
Lauren Conrad hairstyles

Not only did Lauren Conard leave us astounded with her impeccable hair, but she also managed to completely captivate us. The tables have turned, and this prank is now directed at you. Lauren, we continue with this joke; you must try it. You look so good with dyed hair.

Convinced more than ever. With Kristen Es’s undeniable expertise and our firsthand encounter with her remarkable color creations, why not rely on her to apply that very blend to your hair? We are fully aware of the intricate deception involving your previous hair colorist. It looks absolutely amazing.

Lauren isn’t the sole reality TV personality who has fooled the audience with a clever stunt, posing as if she had stunning purple hair. Nicole Richie, another renowned personality, pulled off a brilliant deception by posting an Instagram picture where she flaunted radiant purple hair. However, she later came clean and revealed that it was all a mischievous little game. But then she actually did it. Will Lauren adopt her behavior? So, we hope.

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Lauren Conrad: Hairstyle Pictures

lauren-conrad hairs
Laurence Conrad Hairs
lauren-conrad hairs
Laurence Conrad Hairs
lauren-conrad hairs
Conrad Hair

Image Source: Pinterest, Twitter


In a recent interview with Us Weekly, 28-year-old Lauren Conrad revealed her aversion to purple hair color. It was just a prank. But it looks good. However, she acknowledges that it suits other celebrities, such as Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie, quite well.


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