Marla Bonilla Hernandez: Why She Attacks Jewish family Publicly?

On the 31st of December 2023, around 4 p.m. the incident took place at American Dream Mall. In which a woman named Marla Bonilla Hernandez, attacks the Jewish family as they appear in the traditional Jewish garments. Her video went viral all over the internet, she had hit them badly. Here is a bit of her Bio-Data:

Full Real NameMarla Bonilla Hernandez
Live-InNewark, New Jersey
Nick NameQueen Marla, The lioness of Judah
Death or AliveAlive

What Happened To Marla Bonilla Hernandez? Why She Attacks The Jewish Family?

The mall is located in East Rutherford, NJ, the two children aged 12 and 16 belong to a Jewish family. The incident occurred near about 4 pm when the family was leaving for home after celebrating their son’s birthday. At that point, Marla Bonilla Hernandez aggressively reacted to the Jewish family and used the words “Dirty Jews” and “Murderers” for them. She also proclaims the family as “Fake Jews” by denouncing herself as a ” Real Jew”.

At the same time, the Jewish family decides to capture the stressful moment and share it on Twitter. Many of the people took it seriously and showed empathy towards them. They rapidly inform the police and security of the mall to take action against the woman. As a result, Hernandez was arrested.

What is Marla Bonilla Hernandez reaction towards Jewish Family?

Four members of a Jewish family, including 12 and 16-year-old, passed through a physical attack held by Hernandez. The 16-year-old daughter, donning an IDF sweatshirt, endured offensive screams, like the sound creates:

“You’re a whore, your mother is a whore, your grandmother is a whore.” The aggressor, fueled by hostility, persisted in yelling “Free Palestine.”

As a result, she physically attacked the Jewish mother, while threatening her.

Moreover, it is said that Hernandez’s history concludes that she has mental health issues which is no less than a complicated disease. Also had records including cases of theft, assault, and drug possession.

Marla Bonilla Hernandez: Why She Attacks Jewish family Publicly?
Marla Bonilla Hernandez used abusive language and physically attacked the 12 and 16 age children
Marla Bonilla Hernandez: Why She Attacks Jewish family Publicly?
 Hernandez had attacked a Jewish family in front of the Public!
Information SourceTwitter, Fandomupdates, Newsunzip, GHBase.
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