Willie Falcon Net Worth 2023: Take a look into his Curious Life

Willie Falcon is known as a member of the Cocaine Cowboys. He is a co-founder of the administration and building industries. People want to know about Willie Falcon net worth. He effectively runs several thriving businesses. Through these businesses, he basically serves to provide the safest way to make black money. 

Additionally, he has a real estate business through which he usually gets payments. According to reliable resources, we know that Willie Falcon net worth has not been revealed yet. 

Member of Cocaine Smuggling Groups

We do not know about Willie Falcon’s net worth. He is engaged with a world cocaine smuggling group named ‘Cocaine Cowboys’. With his bio, we need to know more about him. He has a partner named Sal Magluta, who sold marijuana and cocaine when he was in high school. 

They wanted to enter the drug business, and for this purpose, they had to leave school. Then they entered the world of the drug business.

Willie Falcon Net worth

Where are Augusto Willie Falcon and Salvador Sal Malguta now?

 If we shed light on Willie Falcon net worth according to resources, it may have been around $100 million in 2021. He generates more income from his business. When he sold shipments of coastline in the 1970s to the US. 

In the past, he made plenty of money by smuggling goods like cocaine from Colombia and selling them in the U.S. Falcon started his career in Cuba. After some time in his growing years, when he was an adult, he joined a cocaine smuggling organization in Miami.

Spent fourteen years in prison

Sal Magluta is his dearest friend from school. He formed a partnership with Falcon after high school in business. They both started their businesses in high school and sold marijuana and cocaine items when they were in school.

We all know very well that drugs are unhealthy and restricted items in every country due to security reasons. He spent fourteen years in prison in 2023 due to his punishment. His 14 years were lost in his business.

When he came out of prison on bail, he was expelled to the Dominican Republic. He has run several businesses, including a private construction company, and he is a co-founder of management companies. Along with this, he engaged in group speed motor races.

Criminal Record

Willie Falcon had spent 20 precious years of his life in prison for doing illegal work. Even though he spent many years in prison due to his criminal history, we don’t know how much he has earned. 

He was found guilty of offenses such as money laundering and hindering the legal system, but his attorney was able to get the sentence lowered.

Falcon’s total wealth is unclear, despite the fact that his attorney battled for the case’s postponement for more than 10 years. Knowing the specifics of his criminal history is the only way to determine his net worth.

Smuggle 75 tons of Cocaine

Willie Falcon net worth has increased to almost $1 million
Willie Falcon net worth

Willie Falcon accumulated a generous fortune through the illicit trade of drugs. He and Sal Magluta sold around 75 tons of cocaine in the US, according to demand.

They also controlled a variety of banks and construction firms. Willy Falcon net worth rose to approximately USD 45 million and USD 55 million as a result. But we don’t yet know this number. Most likely, the truth will surface. And before we learn more about the rapper’s money, we’ll have to wait for the documentary.

Net Worth 2023: Age, Weight, Height, Education, Career, Wife, Children, And Family

Willie Falcon’s Full NameWillie Falcon Augusto
Willie Falcon’s BirthdaySeptember 1, 1955,
Willie Falcon’s Marital StatusCuba
Willie Falcon Age68 years
Willie Falcon’s Marital StatusSingle
Willie Falcon’s ProfessionDrug Dealer, Entrepreneur
Willie Falcon’s Net WorthUSD 45–55 Million (approx.)
Willie Falcon EthnicityCombined
Willie Falcon Height5 feet 8 inches
Willie Falcon Weight62-66 kg
Willie Falcon’s WifeAlina Possible
Willie Falcon’s NationalityCuban

Several Businesses Income

Willie Falcon earned a huge amount from his several businesses and investments. Here is a table that shows his net worth in detail from different sources:

SourceNet Worth
Willie Falcon Business Investments$15 million
Willie Falcon Real Estate$10 million
Willie Falcon Stock Portfolio$8 million
Willie Falcon Brands and Endorsements$5 million
Willie Falcon: Other Income Sources$2 million
Total$40 million

Net Worth Comparison

The table given below gives a comparison of Willie Falcon net worth with that of other companions and professionals in the same industry:

NameNet Worth
Willie Falcon$40 million
Parineeti Chopra$9 million
Anushka Sharma$41 million
Tony Khan$1.5 million

Willie Falcon’s Biography

Willie Falcon’s life and his success are given below in detail:

Physical Appearances

His outward appearance perfectly matches his flamboyant personality. The details are as follows:

Willie Falcon Height5′ 8″
Willie Falcon Weight66 kg
Willie Falcon’s Eye ColorDark Brown
Willie Falcon’s Hair ColorBlack
Willie Falcon Body TypeSlim
Willie Falcon’s Distinctive FeaturesTattoos, Scars, etc.


Willie Falcon has a criminal history, which affects his life. He was punished several times for his illegal business. Last time, in 2023, he was sentenced to his life. He confessed guilt to a crime in 2017 and was ultimately deported. 

Willie Falcon net worth has increased to almost $1 million since his discharge from jail. He committed several crimes to earn this sum of money. In actuality, he is the most prosperous felon ever, and criminals from all over the world are competing for his business. He is a drug addict who works in the drug trade. Overall, he has a criminal-minded personality.


What nationality is Willie Falcon?


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